We came, we saw we conquered

Updated: Jan 17

Up for the task Swindon Supermarine a strong contender for the FA Trophy round 3 faced Bath city at Twerton park. A strong start to the game from both sides, but it was Swindon Supermarine's Ryand Campbell causing early troubles for Bath City. It wasn't long though until Bath City up their game and started to mount a volley of pressure against the Marine side. The second half showed much promise of a break through for either sides. As the heavens opened up a free kick was given in the 57th minute on the edge of the box, and it was Tom Smith who rattled it home opening the score. It was difficult conditions to play in, and again Smith a difficult player to control fires the ball in the back of the net leaving Bath City 2-0.

A controversial penalty decision as Bath City Conway brought down by Supermarine's Hopkins in the box giving the Romans another goal. It wasn't long before the final whistle approaches but it wasn't over yet as Bath City Richards fires home leaving Bath City's final score 4-0

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