Police seize vehicles during operation

Police in Wiltshire stopped over 25 drivers in a operation during the lockdown period using ANRP in Salisbury. Some drivers have been driving without insurance and even had one driver without a driving license, due to the nature of these offensive these vehicles where seized.

Other vehicles that had been stopped had defected issues including a well worn tyre, a driver going through a red light and also one driver using his mobile phone whilst driving. Officers also assisted in finding a stolen campervan that had been reported stolen.

Sgt Will Ayres, from the Roads Policing Unit said: "Despite the national lockdown there were still lots of vehicles driving around the city and many were drawing our attention through use of ANPR technology.

"We, as a Specialist Operations Unit, will continue to target criminality on the roads, support the Community Policing Teams and deal with any offences which increase the risk and danger to all who use our roads.

"To take six uninsured drivers off the roads of Salisbury has reduced the risk of harm to other road users and sends a clear message that you need to have a valid licence and insurance to be on the roads of Wiltshire."

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